I choose Lebanon

It is normal for me to be attached to Lebanon where I was born and raised. After the war occurred in my native country, like many Lebanese, I had to emigrate. I went to Canada where I studied and gained the knowledge I need. My host country became my second nation.

After many years in Canada, I confess that I felt something is missing. I was torn between who I am then and who I wanted to be. Being a Lebanese is natural and a fact, but with my self-realization in the country of alienation to which I have become part, I had to choose between staying in Canada or return to Lebanon. My commitment to my native homeland has increased and won. Despite the great opportunities available to me in a country I have wanted for a while, the choice of Lebanon was the strongest. I decided to return and invest in it and aim at raising its value within my capabilities as an industrialist and through my management skills.

For me, Lebanon is a treasure in its history, geography, landmarks and human skills that transcended borders. Despite the difficulties and challenges, Lebanon overcame all the wars, invasions through history. The Lebanese were characterized by the ability to assume and rely on themselves to promote their country. My choice of Lebanon is because the Cedar of God with its height is a culture transmitted through generation preaching dignity and pride and the solid stones stood in front of the aspirants, and Lebanon like the wheat spike overcame the storms, it inclines but does not break.

My choice is Lebanese

I chose to be in Lebanon and invest in it through our work in the Lebanese food industries. I aimed at raising the name of my country and create, as well as develop Lebanese goods and products to compete with the highest international brands. My choice is Lebanese because I have faith in my national responsibility to support and market and develop our products to be a pride for the food industry locally and internationally. I am targeting excellence in this area of expertise because Lebanon and the people of Lebanon deserve the best.

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