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fourteen.8.5 Virtual, shut, bypass, and you can conceptual accessors

fourteen.8.5 Virtual, shut, bypass, and you can conceptual accessors

Whenever an event statement has a static modifier, the function is alleged as a static event. When zero fixed modifier can be obtained, case is alleged to-be a situation event.

A fixed experiences is not of this a certain for example, and is also an amass-go out error to mention to this regarding accessors out of a great fixed experience.

An incident skills is actually of the a given exemplory case of an excellent classification, which such should be accessed because (§ from the accessors of the knowledge.

A virtual feel report specifies that the accessors of the enjoy is actually digital. The latest virtual modifier pertains to both accessors away from a conference.

A conceptual feel statement determine your accessors of your own skills try digital, but does not promote an actual utilization of new accessors. Rather, non-conceptual derived categories must give their particular implementation having this new accessors by overriding case. Once the a keen accessor having a conceptual skills statement brings no implementation, it shall maybe not bring experiences_accessor_declarations.

An event report filled with both the abstract and you may override modifiers specifies your skills is actually conceptual and you can overrides a bottom knowledge. The fresh accessors of such a meeting are abstract.

New accessors regarding an inherited virtual experience is overridden inside an effective derived classification because of the including a conference declaration you to determine an enthusiastic bypass modifier. It is labeled as a keen overriding feel declaration. Instead, it specializes the newest implementations of your accessors from an existing digital event.

An enthusiastic overriding skills elizabeth accessibility modifiers and you will term as the overridden feel, indeed there might be a personality sales amongst the type of the fresh new overriding as well as the overridden feel, and you will the create and take off accessors should be given in this the newest report.

An enthusiastic overriding experience report may include the brand new close modifier. The means to access it modifier inhibits a good derived group out of subsequent overriding the big event. Brand new accessors away from a shut experiences are also close.

Except for variations in report and invocation syntax, digital, closed, override, and conceptual accessors perform like digital, sealed, bypass and abstract tips. Specifically, the guidelines explained inside the §fourteen.6.cuatro, §14.6.5, §fourteen.6.six, and you may §14.6.7 use since if accessors was types of a corresponding function. For every accessor corresponds to a method with a single well worth parameter of the experiences kind of, a void come back style of, therefore the exact same modifiers because the that has knowledge.

fourteen.nine Indexers

An indexer are a member which allows an item are indexed in in the same way since a selection. Indexers try stated having fun with indexer_declarations:

An indexer_report may include a collection of functions (§21) and you can a legitimate combination of the latest four access modifiers (§fourteen.3.6), this new (§fourteen.step 3.5), virtual (§fourteen.six.4), override (§14.six.5), closed (§14.6.6), conceptual (§14.six.7), and you will extern (§14.six.8) modifiers.

Indexer elizabeth rules while the strategy declarations (§fourteen.6) pertaining to legitimate combos away from modifiers, for the you to exclusion are that fixed modifier is not allowed for the an indexer declaration.

The brand new modifiers digital , override , and you can abstract is actually mutually exclusive only lads arkadaşlık sitesi except in one circumstances. The brand new abstract and you can bypass modifiers can be used together so as that a conceptual indexer is bypass an online one.

A keen overriding feel declaration will not declare another type of experience

Note: Since the indexers are created to be studied into the number ability-for example contexts, the term function style of because discussed to own a selection is even used in combination with an indexer. prevent mention

Except if the new indexer is an explicit program representative implementation, the sort is actually followed closely by brand new keywords this . For an explicit user interface associate execution, the sort try followed closely by a program_sorts of, good ” . “, while the keywords it . Rather than almost every other members, indexers do not have representative-discussed labels.

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