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أغسطس 3, 2022
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أغسطس 3, 2022

A site which harbours and encourages trolling and cyberbullying

A site which harbours and encourages trolling and cyberbullying

Not worth paying for. Site always goes down. Too many people are rude and ignorant. Supposed to be to chat but its too unpleasant. I won’t be paying for membership. When doing some research I discovered the company that owns Gaydar company applied to be struck off from companies house so its obvious where that’s going Shame. good in theory, rubbish in practise.

To be as brief as I can, nothing has changed or so since I last joined other than the size of Gaydar which seems to have shrunk to the size of a puddle which now is overrun with internet “trolls”

Hello Charles. Please contact us with your specific concerns as we would like to work with you to resolve these.As a matter of record, the owners of Gaydar are fully registered at Companies House and there are no plans to change this. For those that wish to check this, please contact the Companies House site for more information.

I felt at the time that until the “Support” team really got to grips with the collusive, tag team bullying, I wanted no part this dreadful site. Since then, it would seem that the site has been revamped. I would like to share with everyone, my experience over the past week or so.

A couple of years I go, I left Gaydar appalled at the way I had experienced a group of cyberbully, keyboard warriors who were being protected by a moderator on the site’s Manchester room

There are at least half a dozen people who regularly misuse the Manchester room. I am more than happy to be ignored when speaking in a chat room. However, individuals would actively make rude obnoxious remarks and would object to others chatting in what they would call “their room”. This immature behaviour is the stuff of playgrounds yet it is the action of supposed adults. To compound the issue, the Manchester room is moderated by an individual who both socialises and in turn then colludes with these people whose behaviours are in clear breach of Gaydar’s terms and conditions. I have in the last week taken scripts from the site in order to qualify all the re making in this review.

I believe that the moderator of the Manchester room and in turn the ineffective action by the “Support” team to be the reason many people have left and stay away from . Many guys have commented as such to me recently.

My desire is not to exact any type of revenge with my report, but I do feel strongly that I should add this review based on my experience. It is a shame that what ought to be a positive, friendly, adult experience is unfortunately nothing more than a playground for clearly inappropriate behaviour which in turn is ignored or endorsed by the inaction of the sites moderation process. It is worse than the lawless wild west in that sense and I would suggest that anyone wishing to avoid detriment to their mental well being would avoid this website like the plague. Time has proven that the leopard simply cannot or will not change its spots.

10/3/19 Further to my review, I have just been muted in the Manchester room for the fifth time in three weeks today. On none of the five occasions have the support team (despite repeated requests for an explanation) explained the reason. Today this occurred within an hour of another member using racially pejorative language about Japanese people. I reported this to the support team only to find myself muted from the Manchester chat room. This is further evidence of my assertion that the site has a significant problem with its moderation of this room and is as I stated in my title a site which is encouraging inappropriate online behaviour. Whilst it continues to capitulate to this biased moderation, people will use their common sense and steer clear.

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